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Tree Menders - your local Qualified Arborists Hamilton

Specialising in all Arboriculture work. Big or small.

We offer tree pruning, stump grinding, tree removal, tree consultation and planning, tree inspection, green asset management & planning, firewood and mulching. 

Tree pruning

Tree Pruning Hamilton

Tree Pruning Hamilton

Keep your trees healthy, attractive & well-maintained. Our experienced team of Qualified Arborists Hamilton can assist with all types of tree pruning. We'll work with you to ensure that the end result is what you are looking for.  By using correct pruning techniques, you can increase the life span of your tree, encourage growth and keep it safe and healthy. We offer ongoing pruning to keep your trees looking their best all year round

Formative pruning

Removing dead, Diseased and crossing branches to promote new growth while also training it to grow in a desired form. This helps to ensure that it will be strong and healthy for years to come

Lifting the canopy

Lifting The Canopy - Removing low branches to make way for buildings or walkways. Also a easy way of keeping trees off roofs and also allows for easy mowing under and around trees.

​Thinning the canopy

Removing selected interior branches we can reduce the density of the tree which allows more light to come through while still retaining the overall shape and form of the tree.

​Reducing weight

Some large limbs are subject to snapping – by removing selected smaller branches from these limbs, we can greatly increase the safety of your tree.

​Reducing size

If a tree is too big for its area, we can safely reduce the height and width while keeping its overall shape and form, through target pruning and reduction cuts.

Tree removals

Tree Removals Hamilton

Safe Tree Removals 

We specialize in the safe removal of any tree. Our Qualified Arborists will work with you to find the best and safest way to remove your tree. We use modern equipment and techniques to ensure no damage is done to any surrounding property during the removal of trees, and we can manage any obstacles, whether they're buildings, power lines or anything else.

Stump grinding

Stump Grinding Hamilton

Stump Grinding Services

Whether you need to remove a trip hazard, free up space for re-planting, remove the possibility of regrowth, or don't want to attract unwanted bugs - we can help with our Stump grinders, we'll get back your garden space.
With two machines we can find a way to access almost any stump whether it be in the back of your section or on a slope. One of our very competent and friendly staff will find a way to turn your stumps into grindings.

Tree consultancy

Tree Consultancy Hamilton

Tree Health Consultancy & Inspection

You should generally get a tree inspection when you have a problem tree, a tree that may be hazardous of if you are building close to it. Some common examples that warrant inspection are:

  • Trees that have cracks and splits in trunks or branches,

  • Trees that have cavities and/or decay present in trunks or large branches,

  • Trees that have root decay or significant root damage from excavation,

  • Trees that may be affected by earthworks and construction,

  • Trees that are declining in health.

Experienced Qualified Arborists hamilton you can trust

We are experienced arborists who have a great understanding of the trees in New Zealand. Get peace of mind that you know we are taking the appropriate action and can recommend the best techniques.

Are your trees safe and healthy? Will building close to them endanger their life span?

Whether you want to know about the health and safety of your trees or are worried about building in a close vicinity of large trees, we can help you get a professional and full analysis of the trees in question to identify any risks and plan for methods of tree surgery to ensure its safety.


Tree Transplanting

I love my tree... it's just in the wrong place!

If this sounds like you, we can help.

At Tree Menders, we offer transplanting services which come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes things change - you move houses, you want to build a new building. That's when transplanting might be right for you. 

We can move a tree to a new location. Depending on the size and access this process can be a large operation with big machinery. Sometimes it requires a lot of prep work to help aid in the longevity of the tree after transplanting and relocating. Talk to us today and we can look at what might work for your trees.

What are the steps in transplanting?

Below we have outlined the steps taken to transplant a tree. Please note that some trees transplant more easily than others and there are better times of the year to move trees. 

Speak to us today to find out how we can help you.


Prior to any digging the tree can be pruned. Depending on the time frame for the move, this can be done multiple times over subsequent years. This pruning process helps to reduce its size and aid in preparing it for the move. A large tree has large amounts of roots, reducing the size reduces the need for as many roots.


Depending on the size of the tree, a large amount of soil and subsequently roots will need to be retained as the 'Root ball'. This can be a time consuming process. The more soil that is retained the more likely the tree will survive the relocation. 


The root ball will be wrapped in a sack, this is to prevent soil loss in transportation. This process also aids in the lifting process as the lifting is not likely to damage the trees branches or trunk.


Depending on the trees size this may require large machinery. Excavators, Hiabs or Cranes may need to be used. The tree will be moved to its new location where it will be lifted back into a new location. Ensuring that the rootball remains intact is still very important.

Future care

The tree needs to be watered and remain watered especially during the hot parts of the year, this is to ensure it can re establish itself and continue to grow in its new location. This process is important and is ultimately the most important. 

Firewood - seasoned or fresh wood

Tree Menders can supply you with firewood for the winter. We offer competitive prices for seasoned wood and also split or rings of fresh wood. All these options can be delivered to you when it suits you best. Give us a call and we can get a delivery your way as soon as possible.


Firewood Hamilton
Wood Chip & Garden Mulch

Wood Chip & Garden Mulch Hamilton

Wood Chip & Garden Mulch

We spend a lot of time putting branches through our wood chippers - this means that we can supply any amount of mulch to you. With trucks ranging from 4-11 cubic metres we can deliver to your needs.
Tree Menders can also offer advice for how much you would require for any given area. Give us a call today to talk about what will be right for you and your garden.


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